The Town That Dreaded Sundown

the-town-that-dreaded-sundown (1)

The Goatman is largely considered to be an urban legend by nearly everyone except those who’ve actually encountered the creature, largely because he’s usually alleged to live near Lovers’ Lanes all around America. Folklorists are generally of the opinion that the Goatman is merely a “Lovers’ Lane Legend” such as Hook Man. You know the story: two lovers are going at it when they hear an announcement over the radio that a lunatic with a hook for a hand has escaped the local hospital.

All such Lovers’ Lane legends are believe to have been inspired by a very real serial killer known only as The Phantom. The Phantom went on a sexual killing spree in 1940s Texarakana, almost always preying on couples in parked cars. The Phantom was never apprehended. In 1976 Texas director Charles B. Pierce released a film called The Town That Dreaded Sundown. While most of the film is largely fiction, certain portions of the film are true. Do you think this killer really did conjure up Goatman in the imaginations of Americans?

By the way monster buffs, if the name Charles B. Pierce sounds familiar, its because he was involved in The Legend of Boggy Creek, the classic documentary about a Bigfoot-like creature that roamed Arkansas during the 1970s.