A Wisconsin Harvest Volume II

(Wisconsin Writers Association Press, 2013), Price: $20 w/ free shipping to the continental U.S. .

Compiled by Rodney Schroeter, this 400 page, multi-genre anthology combines work by contemporary writers, including J.. Nathan Couch, David J. Rank, Lisa Lickel and Sandra Lindow, with work from earlier authors including Fredric Brown and Clifford D. Simak. Containing works of fiction as well as non-fiction, this book’s subject matter is as eclectic as Wisconsin herself. From horror to memoirs, from science fiction to romance.

This book has an extremely limited print run, fewer than 500 copies are currently known to exist!

Couch’s contribution to Harvest is a mostly fictional work of fantasy realism called Anna. The story revolves around a meek outcast named Philip, and his lifelong relationship with the story’s titular character. Readers observe Anna’s life of physical and sexual abuse through Philip’s point-of-view. One night a mysterious winged-entity named Darrin enters their lives. Will Darrin be Anna’s savior?

During the Holiday Season of 2013 Harvest appeared on the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Guide to 100 Best Books for Readers Young and Old. If you’d like a copy of this rare and collectible anthology, please contact J. Nathan Couch via the form below.


A Wisconsin Harvest II