A Strange Hike Near Hartford, Wisconsin

Last Sunday I was hiking the Ice Age Trail near Hartford, when I found these peculiar marks on a tree limb. This area has a history of strange creature sightings ranging from Goatman, Bigfoot, and canine/bruin hybrids.

Strange markings in a tree along the Ice Age Trail.

The second photograph shows how high in the tree the markings are. There were no other strange markings on or near the tree. My hand barely reaches the first marking and I’m 5’8″. And before anyone asks, the critter on my tee shirt is Mr. T (Rex). He pittys the fool.

Me with my eyes closed, attempting to demonstrate scale.

Earlier in the day, a mile or two farther down the trail, I heard a repetitive tapping, it sounded like two large logs being slapped together, in a continuous, repeating pattern close to the trail, across a kettle, but I couldn’t find the source despite their being no leaves on the trees. After about two minutes the sound stopped and never returned. A peculiar day in the Kettle Moraine Forest!

Bigfoot-like Creature seen at Holy Hill

If you’ve been following this blog with any regularity you’re likely aware of a bizarre creature sighting at Holy Hill this past September. The creature was 4-feet tall, hairless, muscular, and had backwards bending legs like a goat or a dogs.

Following that blog post, numerous individuals came forward with similar sightings from all around Southeastern Wisconsin. Another individual has stepped forward with a peculiar encounter.

A gentleman named Spence posted about a strange creature sighting near Holy Hill on one of the older blog entries. His experience occurred in autumn of 2006 or 2007:

“It was about 9:00 or 9:30pm and I was traveling east on Highway 167 towards Holy Hill. There is a winding section of road just about a mile west of Holy Hill Road that has some rather large embankments. The creature I saw must have stood between 6′ 5″ and 7′ feet tall,  approximately 200-300 pounds. The creature was large enugh to bound down the embankment acrross the road and down into the ditch in about 4 strides and its hips were as tall as the hood of my truck. I do have quite a few lights on my vehicle but it was dark and i was going aproximately 40 to 45 mph. I know those are not the best circumstances, but I could not deny what I saw.”

Spence invites others to come forward with any encounters they’ve had. FYI, during 2006 there was an outbreak of hairy hominid and anomalous bruin sightings across Washington County and surrounding areas, with the initial sighting taking place a few feet from the entrance of Holy Hill, on Highway 167.

More strange creature sightings available in Goatman: Flesh or Folklore?.

Photograph of a Bigfoot statue.