Milwaukee Paracon 2019: The Day After

Greetings from Grafton!

I’m sitting here in my office after a particularly busy weekend. I’m two days removed from the Friday the 13th/Full Moon Downtown West Bend Ghost Walk, where we had the largest, most enthusiastic group ever. Washington County’s dedicated support of their paranormal history never ceases to amaze me.

Bright and early the next day (Saturday the 14th for those keeping track), I headed down to Averno College in Milwaukee for the 2019 edition of the Milwaukee Paracon. I was fortunate enough to present at the inaugural event back in 2015, and I’ve been able to appear at all but one, which I had to cancel due to personal strife.

The event is always a highlight of my year. I got to see a lot of beloved local colleagues, such as Allison Jorlin (, Mike Huberty and Wendy Lynn Staat (See You On the Other Side podcast), Jay Bachochin (Finding Jay Bachochin), and MPC mastermind Tea Kurlos (Monster Hunters) to name only a few.

I had originally been scheduled to do a Washington County Paranormal presentation to celebrate the re-release of my first book, but I quickly found myself swept up into a Paranormal Author’s panel with new friends Shetan Noir and Tobias Wayland. While getting a chance to talk about my process for writing Goatman: Flesh or Folklore? I also had an opportunity to learn some methods used by Noir in her new book Lake Monsters and Odd Creatures of the Great Lakes and Wayland’s soon-to-be released book on the Great Lakes Mothman who recently terrorized Chicagoland.

My presentation about Washington County Paranormal did indeed happen, and I had a great time talking about Goatman, and the Old Courthouse Museum’s electrifying spirit “George.”

The biggest highlight was meeting all the enthusiastic people that dropped by my vendor’s table. The nicest thing about being in this field is meeting people and learning what inspired their interest in topics that a lot of people look down upon.

If you missed this year’s conference, please keep an eye on for information on the 2020 event!