Father Rehrl’s Rectory Vandalized

Earlier today Washington County Historical Society executive director Patricia Lutz sent the following e-mail to society members regarding a vandalism and burglary at their St. Agnes Convent site in Barton:

Dear Friends,

We are sorry to report to that Father Rehrl’s Rectory will be closed until further notice. Today, while preparing for our open house, we discovered the rectory had been entered by pushing a window out of its frame. There was minor damage done to the walls, sills, and stove. Sadly, the exhibit was torn down and some tools stolen. The barn’s old side door was broken into several pieces, but nothing was damaged or stolen, just some things moved and tossed around. The West Bend police did come by and investigated. But we are aware how difficult it is to solve these type of cases. We are working on installing security, something we have not needed in the past.

We will open the site again next year on special days and will work towards having the Convent available for viewing. Thank you for all your support.

Patricia Lutz

Executive Director

WCHS executive director Patricia Lutz
Father Rehrl's rectory
Father Rehrl’s Rectory . Photo from the Washington County Historical Society

It is positively sickening that someone would break into, and steal from, a non-profit, historical site. I’m passing this e-mail along here in the hopes that someone out there will some information regarding the crime. If you love West Bend, Washington County, or local history, please, PLEASE share this post. Let’s bust some crime.

If you know anything about this crime please contact the West Bend Sheriff’s Department at: 262-335-4378

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