Goatman Hoof-Print Caught on Camera?

While writing Goatman: Flesh or Folklore? I quickly learned physical evidence of these strange, hoofed bipedal creatures is almost non-existent. No alleged hair samples, scat, or footprints of the animals have been collected, that I’m aware, unlike other anomalous creatures like Bigfoot. Because of this–and their strange ability to occasionally disappear in a blinding flash–I’ve always assumed they were more closely related to paranormal entities than some undiscovered animal.

Imagine my surprise when a local investigation group called WPI Hunts the Truth sent me the following photograph from an anonymous source in Oak Creek, Wisconsin!

Goatman hoof print in Oak Creek, Wisconsin

This photograph is impressive for various reasons. Notice how extremely large the print is– the size of a grown man’s hand. But more interesting is the back half of the print. It almost resembles an enormous human being’s heel. I’m at a loss to explain it. While it doesn’t prove a Goatman is wandering around Oak Creek, I can’t explain precisely what could have made such a puzzling impression in the autumn muck. Have any of you witnessed tracks like these before?

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