Holy Hill Creature Update

Back on November 1st I published a blog about a strange creature sighting near Holy Hill, an area outside of Hartford with a history of anomalous activity.  Essentially, a woman by the name of Mindy Rossette reached out to me in late October about an extraordinary experience she and her teenage daughter had while driving near County Highway K and Highway 167 at night on September 17th. A 4-foot tall, hairless, bi-pedal creature with backwards bending legs ran in front their car.

Goatman sketch
Eyewitness sketch of a mysterious creature that dashed in front of a moving car near Holy Hill. By Mindy Rossette.

Mindy and her daughter were very upset by this encounter, and asked if I was aware of any creature like it. Because of the backwards bending legs, I was immediately reminded of the Goatman, a legendary creature that allegedly occupies nearby Hogsback Road. Mindy has never heard of Goatman, but remarked that the legs reminded her of a canine, while her daughter remarked there was something almost extraterrestrial about the entity. To sum up how deeply disturbed these two were from their encounter, Mindy remarked “It’s something we’ll never forget. The vision of this thing is etched in our lives.”

At the end of that blog, I asked that anyone with information regarding the sighting or the strange thing the Rossettes witnessed contact me. If nothing else, knowing someone else has seen such a peculiar thing can alleviate much of the stress that comes from such a puzzling experience.  Its always heartening to know you aren’t alone.

To my delight, several individuals responded with their own encounters.

Andre LeMieux: “Golfing at Ironwood [in Sussex, WI], the eastern most part of  the course. Saw what appeared to be a large dog over road kill when it stood up on hind legs and walked into small grove of trees going out of sight. A friend of mine said he saw a similar creature at his brother’s backyard which is not far from there… . My sighting was about 6:30 pm with full sunshine in summertime about three years ago [2011]. Appeared to stand about 4 to 5 feet tall on hind legs.”

Josh Hughes: “My father and I experienced something very similar to this [strange creature] while hunting in the area. It happened [around 2006] when all the Sasquatch sightings were going on. [Mindy’s story] brought up the old memories and I thought it might be good to share with you.”

Salem: On the night of December 27th, 2006 a friend and I had an encounter with what I can only describe as a supernatural creature, that resembled a wolf/dog in the Menomonee Falls area of Wisconsin. We got a pretty clear look at it too.”

Not all of the stories involved strange animals. Luther Banks shared some details regarding a UFO he witnessed. Certainly not off-topic since so many people have noted the alien qualities of Mindy’s sketch.

Luther Banks: “On October 30, 2014 I saw an object in the sky shaped like a falcon. It was metal and dark, took tight curves like it was looking for something. Tip of the craft was dark, no movement of the wings. The sun hit it right and I could definitely tell it was made of some sort of metal. [This happened at] approximately 0940 and was visible for no longer then a minute till it quickly was out of vision. This was sighted from the ground from the outskirts of Watertown, WI.

After reading Luther’s message, I myself was reminded of 4 glowing, amber orbs of light that I, and more then 50 bus tour patrons witnessed flying near Jackson, Wisconsin, on September 12th, 2014 during a Washington County Historical Society event. The orbs were flying in a rough V formation, and changed directions several times before we lost view of them. This sighting occurred just 5 days before the Rossette encounter. Of course, none of these experiences explains exactly what the Rossettes saw, but it does prove their incident was not isolated.

 Some responses were skeptical.

 Vintage Basil: “I have lived in the Holy Hill area for almost 37 years. There is a man who lives out in the wilderness up near Holy Hill. He wears all kinds of hats on his head to keep warm, and also carries all of his belongings with him. He stashes his stuff wherever he decides to spend the day and walks around at all times of the day and night. The Carmelite [friars] have tried to help him, but he has some mental issues and prefers to live outside. He has caught my eye from a distance, more than once. He doesn’t look human until you get up close and see him. They probably saw him. Night time, darkness, wilderness…all sounds like a fairy tale creature, but most likely, it’s not.

 Chris: “I’m just wondering why hunters haven’t gotten any pictures or eye witness. I am a hunter in the area just a little west of Holy Hill am curious but in disbelief. Mapleton, WI had a cougar for 5 years. It had a tracking collar on but that’s it for anything out of the ordinary. I’d like to know more.”

 A few people on social media sites theorized that it was a deer.

 A deer never, ever runs or walks on two legs, and an eccentric loner in a funny hat doesn’t have backwards bending legs. As for Chris’s question, I can’t speak for all the hunters in the Holy Hill area, but if I put myself in the Mindy’s shoes, this how I think it would go: I’d never be driving while using my phone, especially at night. After I swerved to avoid the creature, and got over the initial surprise, I’d have to get into my pants pocket for my phone, type in my four digit access could, and find my camera app. By the time all that happened, I’m sure any frightened animal/humanoid would be long gone.

 The mystery remains just that, a mystery. Once again I extend an invitation to readers: I’ve you’ve experienced anything usual that may relate to the Rossette’s experiences, please comment below or email me. If enough people come forward, perhaps we can at least try and guess at what is going on.

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  1. Marissa
    Marissa says:

    I believe this is why Holy Hill Basilica is located here. It is some kind of vortex and it’s possible people are seeing interdimensional beings and elementals.


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