WXRW Haunted Heartland Interview 08-16-19

Back on August 26th, I had the pleasure of being interviewed on Haunted Heartland, a wonderful paranormal program which airs on Milwaukee’s WXRW! If you missed it, you can listen to HERE!

J. Nathan Couch appears on The UnXplained!

Hey Gang,

Just another quick note saying thanks to everyone who’s contacted me after appearing on History Channel’s The UnXplained.

It was a wonderful experience, and it was a pleasure getting to appear on the same screen as wonderful cryptozoologists as Loren Coleman, Nick Redfern, Ken Gerhard, and Chad Lewis. And of course, who could forget the legendary host, William Shatner?

If you missed it, check local listings of visit We discuss Goatman, Mothman, the Chupacabra, the Mongolian Death Worm, and lots of other highly strange entities.

Check out that screen shot of yours truly in the upper left. Now maybe everyone will stop asking me why I always wear a hat.

Goatman sketch

J. Nathan Couch is In Search of Monsters

Hello all,

You’ve likely noticed I’ve been quiet for a long time. Even though the silence here has been deafening, I have not been idle.

I hope some of you had the opportunity to see me on Travel Channel’s new series In Search of Monsters. I appeared in episode #5, which was all about a terrifying creature called the Wendigo.

A huge part of this particular episode was Mindy Rossette’s bizarre encounter near Holy Hill back in 2014. Below is here sketch of the creature she and her daughter witnessed dart in front of them.

Goatman sketch

Was it a Wendigo? Was it Goatman? I couldn’t say, but hopefully now that the incident is one again in the media, another encounter will occur and provide some compelling evidence.

If you missed the episode, check your local listings or visit